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I am a postdoc in the Quantum Correlations Group of the School of Mathematical Sciences of The University of Nottingham. I work in quantum thermodynamics but I also like quantum parameter estimation, quantum control, quantum many-body systems, and pretty much anything starting with the word "quantum" (except for James Bond's movie "Quantum of Solace", which I find extremely boring)

Rise and fall of the Ice King

Few people might have heard about Frederic Tudor before, but sometime in the early 1800s this Bostonian whiz kid had an idea that changed the world for ever. As most life-changing ideas, this was simple, groundbreaking, and completely crazy. When young Tudor visited … Continue reading

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On the Motive Power of Intuition

I’m sure that most of you were taught thermodynamics in high school. You’ll probably remember listening to things like “…thermodynamics is the branch of physics that studies heat and work…”, or “…thermodynamics is concerned with large objects, like heat engines…”. … Continue reading

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